Curing our communities

The Harry Perkins is dedicated to finding a cure. Whether it’s tough-to-treat cancers, heart disease, or diabetes, we’re creating a future where every disease has a solution.

On the way to a cure, we can improve the lives of thousands of Australians. With continued medical research, it’s possible to alleviate pain, develop kinder treatments, and give more time to our loved ones.

Behind every discovery is support like yours. As a member of the Cure Community, 100% of the funds you raise go to research right here in WA.

With the money you raise, we can keep our labs operational and continue our life-saving work, uninterrupted. The longer we can continue, the sooner we can find the next big breakthrough.

Thank you for your generous support! Join the Cure Community today and change the way we treat disease.


This project has been made possible
by the generosity of Lotterywest